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 OOC - A Call to War - Comments

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PostSubject: Re: OOC - A Call to War - Comments   Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:25 pm

Well we proved that one wrong lol!

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PostSubject: Re: OOC - A Call to War - Comments   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:23 pm

Well it seems we've travelled beyond the reach of my pen to post this in the actual thread, so I'll drop it here instead. For no other reason than I wrote it and don't really want to just toss it away Razz

My vanity knows no bounds it would seem.

Quote :
Quote :
In the mirrors of many judgments my hands are the color of blood. I am a part of the evil that exists in the world and in Shadow. I sometime fancy myself an evil which exists to oppose other evils. I destroy Melkins when I find them, and on that Great Day of which prophets speak but in which they do not truly believe, on that day when the world is completely cleansed of evil, then I, too, will go down into darkness, swallowing curses. Perhaps even sooner than that, I now judge. But whatever... Until that time, I shall not wash my hands nor let them hang useless.

Early in the mornings, the cold ocean mists crawled up the cliffs of An Gort, smelling of dark waters and the cavern of the leviathan and stole into the town like... well, much like a morning mist if one were pressed to describe it.

The white tendrils slipped between houses, down lanes and across thresholds with impunity. It was said that the mist would drift all unnoticed into the beds of the sickly and the wounded and that it would then slip the souls from the dying bodies. When the morning sun finally broke free of the nearly omnipresent clouds and chased the mist back to it's home beneath the waves the souls would be carried along with it, down to the hall of the Ancient One where with a careful deliberation he would decide which souls to consume, which would become servants and which would howl in the endless void for all eternity - the screams being an alternative to listening to derivative pop-culture tunes at dinner of course.

"Soon" Goblindad whispered, "Soon, my pet we'll be home again. A short rest, then we'll head out again for more. The hunger of the Ancient is nearly as insatiable as your own is it not?" He reached down to stroke the Shoggoth, but the creature of the Elder Horror had vanished with the coming of the sun after the massacre at Imleach. The Battlepope had watched it sink into it's own shadow and vanish like the scream of a madman falling off a cliff.

He still sometimes looked for it though or tried to talk to it... the pets of Cthulu had a way of insinuating themselves into your mind and not letting go until madness and death had claimed all there was and all there ever would be.

It made no matter. They would face murder and mayhem again soon, and when they did Goblindad was certain that the Shoggoth would once again be by his side, hungry for blood, suffering and chaos.[/rp]
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PostSubject: Re: OOC - A Call to War - Comments   Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:37 am

Awesome stuff G! Really enjoyed rping with ya's, was a lot of fun and definitely out of the norm...sorry for the late-ish reply here, been a bit busy lately. Hope to do this again soon!

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PostSubject: Re: OOC - A Call to War - Comments   Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:18 am

Maybe I should join in on the next RP... Well even though I can't kill anyone. A serious RP with other people spurring on the action for a change would be welcome..
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PostSubject: Re: OOC - A Call to War - Comments   

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OOC - A Call to War - Comments
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