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 Something I have been working on

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PostSubject: Something I have been working on   Wed Jun 19, 2013 11:09 pm

Hey guys, I have been bored recently and when I am bored I like to write stories so here is my latest one, tell me what you think.  Never have been able to finish one so maybe some pointers on what I could change or maybe some feedback will help me out.  

“Get out…get out now,” Michaels yelled as he motioned with his hand to the windows.  All of us jumped through the windows around us as the explosion ripped through the building behind us.  I felt the glass shards around me as I soared through the air.  I could hear Ramirez cursing as we fell to the ground my ears ringing from the explosion behind us although I could not see anyone.  I hit an old abandoned car as I hit the ground and I rolled off the roof of the car.  I could feel the pain in my ribs as I stumbled to try to pull myself up.  I let out a loud cough as I picked up my M-4 laying a few feet from the car and looked around my surroundings.  I could still only hear static from my ear piece from the jammer and I couldn’t see any of my other squad members.  The jammer was only a few blocks away in an old apartment building and if I continued then I chances were high to find the rest of the squad.  
I still felt the pain in my ribs from the impact as I stumbled to the corner of the street, trying to keep my M-4 up, but from the pain, I might have broken a rib from the fall.  The weight of my Kevlar vest didn’t help the pain as I stopped to take pain killers out of my back pouch on my belt, thankful that I did not leave them in my kit which was probably blown to bits now.  I popped three of them into my gloved hand and threw them back as I swallowed them putting the container back in its place.  I shook my head as I started again on my mission.  I kept my head on a swivel, constantly looking around me in case there was an ambush set up for us or even any snipers watching me from above.  The cracked sidewalk crackled under my boots as I cautiously moved through my surroundings.  There was an echo of a gunshot as a window shattered next to me.  I took off in a run knowing that I was now in the sights of a sniper…a sniper who had missed his shot and was taking aim to try again.  I sprinted as I felt the crosshairs following me, the crackling beneath my feet reminding me that this was not a nightmare as I sprinted to get to the end of the block.  

There was no wait to fight the sniper, he was in an unknown building to me, and even if I had wanted to engage him, I did not have any way to know if I hit him.  I had 4x scope that was would not let me zoom up enough to a building floor to fight my aggressor.  Instead I would fight another day and I ran when another shot rang just as I slid on the ground with my knee pads.  The shot was above me; hitting a shop window that I would have been in front of if I had not slid.  I got up and took off again leaving behind the sniper whom I hoped did not have a radio that could be used to warn the rebels of my approach.  I stopped halfway down the road to catch my breath as I took cover behind a car.  I tried again with my radio to call any of my squad mates, but to no avail.  I cursed when I heard footsteps behind the car, it sounded like a small group of seven or eight men running down the street; I peeked over my side to see my fears were right.  The rebels had sent a small group of rebels to probably look for me down the road to my last position.  
I tried to slow my breathing, as I gripped my M-4 hoping I wouldn’t have to engage the small group.  I didn’t want to try to get in any firefights since that would only cause more reinforcements to arrive, and by myself I would stand no chance…even if I was a janissary it didn’t mean I was invincible, a lucky bullet would still kill me.   I prayed as the men ran by not noticing me, and I thanked god that he had protected me as I kissed the silver and gold cross around my neck that hung around my dog tags.  I got up after a minute afterwards and started again on the road, that group meant I was close to my objective and I was right.  In front of me stood the apartment building that housed the jammer, and was the command center for the rebels.  I crept to one of the doors across the street from the apartment building and tried to open the door…locked.  I was glad I brought my lock picking set along with my because if I had tried to kick the door down, I figured the rebels would see me and start sending men to flush me out of the building.  I held one of my picks in my mouth as I started my work on the door, I don’t know why, but out of all the things I learned in training lock picking had to be my favorite lesson because it didn’t involve shooting anyone.  
I got the door unlocked within a minute and after putting away my lock picking kit I used my muzzle of my M-4 to push the door open.  The building was a comic book store, and it had a stairs that lead to a second story.  The interior was dark and I clicked on my flashlight that was attached to my M-4 as I started to check the building…empty.  The first floor had a bunch of dusty comic book still on racks and in little box shaped containers that were held off the ground by four wooden legs.  I cautiously walked up the stairs keeping my eyes shifting to the darkness afraid that an unknown enemy would jump out with a gun blazing in my direction.  The second floor like the first was clear of any bad guys, but this floor had more of books and action figures of heroes long forgotten.  There was a figure with a black hood and cape with a grey suit with something in his hand.  I couldn’t help, but notice his pose and his face, then I noticed him on the wall and I learned his name; Batman.  I left the figure alone as I moved over to the dust covered window wiping a small part so that I could use my binoculars to look over the apartment building.  

Through my lens I could see snipers on some of the balconies as well as a barbed wire fence and sandbags around the building.  There were two light machine gun positions, one on the first floor surrounded by sand bags, and the other was on the third floor.  The men both looked at the ready at their posts while other soldiers patrolled the perimeter of the barbed wire fence and apartment; a lot of men to protect one jammer.  I stopped myself thinking, of course it would be heavily defended, and that was the only reason why they were not getting bombed by the United States in the first place.  As I tried to make note of everything that was happening, an idea to get inside the apartment building struck me.  I just had to create a diversion to get the people at the apartment building to look away from where I was going to go.  I could go along the right side where I saw less patrols and cut my way through the fence and sprint to the building before they realized that they had someone inside their perimeter.  
I used the half the plastic explosives I had on the first floor pillars holding up the second floor loft.  I figured that the explosion would rip through the windows and get the attention of the rebels on guard.  My mind went back to the action figure on the second floor, the batman, and for some reason I went back upstairs after planting the charges and put him in my pouch with the rest of my plastic explosives which had room for the figure.  I crept out of the building onto the street and made my way to the east side of the apartment building making sure I did not catch the attention of the snipers on the balconies.  When I was satisfied with the black dirt covered SUV I hid behind and peeking out behind the front of the car I decided it was time for me to make my move.  I triggered my clicker as the plastic explosives responded with a loud thunderous explosion that ripped through the comic book store.  Burned paper fell from the sky as rebels all ran towards the front of the building as I sprinted toward the fence, I reached it without being noticed and scrambled under the fence where it had been dug under by some animal, probably a dog.  I was thankful since I would not have to waste my time to try to put a hole in the fence.  When I was on the other side of the fence, I could hear the shouts as rebels holding all sorts of assault rifles ran toward the front of the building to prepare to hold back any attackers.  I grinned as I moved towards the back of the building.  
When I got around back, I could see the fire escape was still intact, so I took off in a run and jumped grabbing on to the bottom rung of it as I pulled it to the ground.  My weight caused the ladder to slide down to ground level with a loud screeching noise.  After it hit the ground, I checked around to make sure that no one had heard the noise and when I was satisfied I climbed up to the first floor and then to the second and the third, but when I went to go up to the fourth floor, I saw that the stairs had collapsed and I could not go any higher which meant I had to go inside the building and find the jammer which was probably on the roof.  I went over to the window and to my surprise found the window unlocked, which I slid open although when I entered the small apartment living room, I raised my M-4 and slowly advanced through the room finding only ammunition lying around. I approached the dark wooden door that lead to the hallway and peeked through the eyehole, seeing no one, I opened the door slowly and as quietly as I could and moved into the hall way.  
I could hear moans and groans coming from the floor above me as I moved slowly through the hallway, finding no one to oppose me, the doors around me closed as I made my way following the signs to the stairwell in the middle of the hallway.  As I rounded the corner to get to the stairs, I could see one man by the vending machines, hitting it trying to get some sort of junk food from its metal shell.  I used the noise he was making to creep up behind him, and put him in a sleeper hold, and after his kicking and struggling to get out, he finally succumbed to my hold as he passed out in my hold.  I slowly put him on the floor away from the view of anyone that might come by as I moved up stairs where I heard the groans…to a sight that I wish I had not seen.

The third floor was the rebel’s place for their rebels, and there were a lot of them.  Some of them were not rebels, but civilians.  I saw children missing limps from explosive devices, women covered in burns from our napalm, rebels from gunshot wounds from fighting against United States control.  There was almost no room to step in the hallway to walk with all the wounded and I could see the hateful glances I got as I made my way through as they saw the Janissaries badge on my vest’s chest.  The rebel’s doctors that saw me as I made my way through raised their hands and I motioned for them to put them down as I tried to ignore the poor people caught in the war around them.  Was fighting my country’s enemies really worth all this pain and suffering we brought?  Was it worth all the dead from a country that had never threatened us with war?  As these thoughts swam through my head on why I was fighting, I realized that I had reached the stairs which I turned the corner to go up when everything went black.  
I awoke to be on the fourth floor tied to a chair, my weapons and gear nowhere in sight.  Instead I saw a large muscular man with a black beard that ran all the way up to his sideburns that mixed with his sideburns.   He had his arms crossed in the corner of the room as he watched me, while the other man with messy blond hair approached me.  He was thinner than the bearded man and he grinned as he saw I was coming to.  “I applaud you on your diversion; you had all of us thinking that we were getting attacked in the front of the building.  A sniper saw you make your way to the back of the building though and called it in, so they sent me and Sam here to make sure that you didn’t get to the jammer,” the blond hair man said.  I just shook my head which was throbbing from the pain which only caused the blond haired man to smile even bigger.  “Sam here is the one that knocked you out, and here I thought Janissaries where supposed to be the boogey men.  Look at you knocked unconscious by the rebels you were supposed to kill and tied to a chair in their mercy.  So where is the rest of your squad since we know all Janissaries work in small groups?”  I stayed silent although I didn’t know where the squad was, I didn’t want to give them the pleasure, and epically the blond haired one of thinking he broke me.  He smiled even bigger when he saw I wasn’t talking, “Oh goody, I was hoping you would play the tough guy, Sam teach this mongrel how to talk with your fists.”
The big man just nodded as the blond haired man walked to the door to watch.  Sam glared at me as I felt his first hit.  It was his right hand, and it was a good strong hit, one that hit me right in the jaw causing my head to slump to the left, but that didn’t stop Sam.  He continued his barrage with his fist to my chest until my head went back towards the middle which he hit again with a strong right.  This continued for a while, and after a few hits to my jaw, I was sure he had broken it, and yet through all the punches, Sam didn’t look winded at all.  The blond haired man told him to stop as he stared at me as I spit some blood on the ground from my busted lip.  He seemed to enjoy my pain, as he walked back towards me.  “You going to talk now?” He said as he looked me into the eye.  I just stared him down when a ripped through the building, causing the foundation to shake, Sam and the blond haired man both looked around before rushing out the door.  The blond haired man though yelled for a guard for me as he ran down the hall way.  

I could hear gunfire from the room and I was thinking that another of the squad had broken through the defenses or was at least going to try to fight their way to the jammer when the door to my room was kicked open and the man guarding me was silenced with a shot to his head as he turned to face his attackers.  In the door way stood Capt. Schmidt with a silenced Mark 23 in his hand as he grinned when he saw me.  “Good to see you again Miller, the rest of us thought we lost you in that explosion.  We heard the explosion and from the radio we took from a dead rebel, we heard they took a man hostage so we figured it was you, glad to see they didn’t just shoot you,” he said as he made his way behind the chair and used his knife to cut my bounds, “Ramirez and Michaels are holding the rebels at the entrance while I slipped through the garage, glad I packed those breaching charges.  You still able to fight?”
When I felt my hands were free I picked up the pistol that my guard had before nodding to Schmidt who grinned.  The pistol was a 9mm and I took a few more clips from his vest as I put them in my pockets.  We would take out the jammer to allow our forces to finally strike these rebel’s defensive positions so that the rest of our forces could take the city.  As we progressed through the hall way four rebels tried to stop our escape, but Cpt. Schmidt and myself took them out as we made our way to the stairs. We fought our way through hall ways and stairwells to finally reach the roof, although I was careful to not get into direct engagement since I didn’t have my Kevlar vest.  When we reached the door to the roof, we had to stack up in the small stairwell for it; I was behind him as he kicked down the door and ran out.  I followed and to my surprise only three soldiers guarded it.  Those three soldiers fired at us as we both dove for cover, I landed behind some sandbags while Schmidt was behind an air conditioner unit.  We both returned fire and our shots put two soldiers out of the fight immediately as the last soldier continued to fire causing us to both put our heads down.  Schmidt finally peeked out and fired killing the soldier.  
We could hear the battle in the yard below us; Ramirez and Michaels were both behind some sandbags in the middle of the yard in front of the apartment building under fire from the machine gun on the third floor balcony.  Schmidt calmly walked over to the ledge and grinned as he lobbed a grenade from the side landing on the third floor balcony.  The machine was silenced after a few second after which allowed Ramirez and Michaels to return fire to that were shooting at them.  Michaels gave us a wave on the roof and then went back to the firefight as Schmidt took out his charges and planted them on the large jammer on the roof.  I had picked up an M-16 from a dead soldier and watched the door as he tapped me on the shoulder letting me know that the charges were set.  We ran to the door from the roof and when we were on the floor below, he hit his clicker setting off his plastic explosive and Schmidt got on his radio and called in to command letting them know that the target had been neutralized.  As he was talking, I could hear rebels run up the stair and I greeted them when they reached the floor with two bursts of machine gun fire, killing two and wounding another.  We started to make our way down the stairs fighting any resistance when Michael’s voice came through loud enough that I could hear it from Schmidt’s radio…”GET OUT!”

As we both jumped out the nearest window, lucky for us being on the third floor, we both hit the ground and were slowly starting to get back up when a missile hit the building we were in causing the rest of us to fly back from the force of the blast.  We slowly started to stumble to our feet as we watched the jets in the air starting to hit their targets with the A-10 warthogs in tow.  They were hitting targets all over the city, but I could only think of the people that were on the third floor of the building…the civilians that the air force had just taken out with that one missile.  As I watched the wreckage for any movement, I saw something moving in the dust and I quickly ran over with the rest of my squad yelling wondering what the hell I was doing.  
The movement was a small boy, probably around six or seven that had burns on his arms, but in his hands was the action figure that I had found at the comic book store.  He fell a few feet in front of me and I dropped to my knees as I looked at him and to my surprise I started crying.  Never in all my years as janissary had I cried for an enemy I fought against, but this rebel…this boy, he should have never been in that building.  He should have never had to worry about us bringing death to his home; he should have enjoyed life, spending time with his friends and family.  There was shrapnel in the boys back from the explosion and I just sat there on my knees crying, not just for the boy, but all the people that had died because of the government.  My squad gathered around me when the dust started to clear and stood in silence at the view I saw.  Cpt. Schmidt just patted me on the shoulder as he stared at the rubble.  Maybe they thought I had snapped for crying for crying about a boy, but maybe they felt it too.  That little piece of innocence we had left just like boy had just died with that missile because we had caused his death by destroying that jammer.  And yet, the war raged on.

Chapter 2: The Beginning of it all

It all started when there was a biological attack on the United States.  It was small pox, but genetically altered which killed millions of people, but a political party led by an Atheist leader who had a cure.  He said that there was a cure and sure enough his private military force delivered cures to all the hospitals in the states.  People were saved and those that were not infected were given vaccines and the crisis was over.  The political party won the next election in a landslide and with their new power they set up a dictatorship.  The United States military was disbanded along with the navy and began the new political party allowed the rise of private military companies…mercenaries and soldier of fortune took over the old nationalism of fighting for your county.  Now it was fighting for money and soldiers fought heroically for bonuses instead of medals, which caused a stir among the people, but with the new private military companies hiring old soldiers and them flexing their muscles, the people’s views were silenced.  
Of course the political party saw that the private military companies could try to overthrow them so they created a special military for themselves…The Janissaries.  In history Janissaries were bodyguards to the sultan and his elite soldiers, and just like them, we were to be the elite soldiers for the political party.  We would be their shock troopers and their bodyguards while they ran the government; although from being a little different from history, the Janissaries were made up of soldiers from families that believed in a religion.   They know which families to take children from because after they took power, they had police forces and party supporters enter churches, temples, mosques, and other religious institutions.  They had to fill out paper work and live in certain neighborhoods, they weren’t treated like slaves, instead they were just second class citizens, like the Jews during World War Two, and although they were taken to camps to be killed.  Instead they just had to live in those neighborhoods and not cause any problems.  Of course every family feared the nights because that is when soldiers of the government agents would go into their homes and taken children for the government’s Janissary military.  

Another thing about the Janissaries program, we were expendable, they could always get more soldiers to fill our ranks, so we always got the suicide missions when the P.M.C.’s would charge more, guess they figured it would be more cost efficient.  Of course this made the P.M.C.’s angry with the program so when an air strike hit a building with Janissaries in it or an artillery barrage hit an area with Janissaries in it then it happened.  The government might slap the companies on the wrist or give them a small fine, but they were not going to alienate their source of troops for war, and oh did war come.  The United States after hiring the private military companies built up their forces using tax payer dollars to fund the private military companies to attack our allies to the North, Canada as well as Mexico.  The Canadians were shocked by the declaration of war, if you could even call it that.  It was a massacre, our Janissaries had entered the areas where the Canadians had their armories, vehicles depots for their army, naval ports, and air bases and sabotaged everything they could.   That same night, the private military companies struck, the mercenaries were cruel, and showed no mercy to the men sleeping the barracks or the population within the cities.  
That same night is the night that the private military companies and the Janissaries butted heads and have been enemies ever since.  There was a fight in a few places, some of the barracks at the areas the Janissaries had attacked, the Janissaries had tried to protect the soldiers who shocked from the forces all around them at surrendered, when some mercenaries tried to have some “fun” (since they had not gotten to fire a single shot decided that they would have some target practice), the Janissaries defended the soldiers and it left two Janissaries dead, but the thirty mercenaries at that base also found that the Janissaries were not going to go down without a fight.  The other two Janissaries guarded the prisoners till morning, while the cities were full of massacres and some cases of rape although thanks to Janissaries that were in some towns, things were not as bad as they could have been.  Any mercenary that tried to tempt their fate with the Janissaries found themselves dead.  Most of the deaths that night were from the conflicts between the Janissaries and the mercenaries.  That morning, Canada had surrendered leaving two hundred mercenaries and fifteen Janissaries dead.  Mexico fell that afternoon and with that success war came to South America which worried the U.N.  They demanded that the United States step down from their chair position and to pull back their armies.  The answer of course was no, but to make sure that the fighting would continue and to make sure the peacekeepers weren’t sent in, we were sent in.  They sent cells of Janissaries around Europe which worked with the C.I.A., given intelligence by agents we went to cause chaos around the world.  My first mission was to help capture the English prime minister, the other three men with me had been in the missions to help take over Mexico and Canada and were used to working together.  I had taken over for their fourth man who had been promoted and given his own Janissaries squad.

I remember the first moments of that day, the sun was shining and the air was just a gentle breeze.  People were going to have lunch and there were a lot of people on the sidewalks as our black van moved through the streets.  I sat in the passenger seat in my tan T-shirt under my black Kevlar vest which had nothing attached to it.   I looked down at my hip holster the black object around my blue jeaned covered right leg seemed almost natural after all the months of training.  I had three clips attached in a little pouch for each clip on my holster.  I had extra rounds on my belt that carried some pouches for them along with some smoke grenades and flash bangs.  It almost seemed surreal, like a dream that was about to turn into a nightmare, especially for the people that were going about their daily lives around us.  Our mission, attack the British Embassy looking like a terrorist organization had planned the attack and had grabbed him.  We of course learned everything we could about the building he was in as much as we could and practiced the attack, but we were intentionally going to act like we were sloppy.  Act lose during the attack at some times, but if we had timed everything right, we would get the prime minster out right as the police arrived that way we could shoot a few bullets to make it look like we were trying to hold them off.  

We arrived on Dower Street at twelve thirty when our van slowed towards the front of the building.  I quickly opened up the building and hopped out of the van as I heard the side door slide open and the other three men of the group jump out.  Our C.I.A. contact driving the van took off as I gripped my fore grip on my G-36C while gripping the handle of the weapon my finger ready on the trigger, a view the captain of the squad saw and he gave me a pat on the shoulder to try to help calm my nerves, like he was assuring me that it would be okay.  As he was reassuring me, the other two members, Miles West and Bruce Winters were kicking down the door.  The people on the sidewalk that had been watching us suspiciously screamed when they saw the two breach into the door way and when they saw our weapons…the hunt was on.  
Miles and Bruce went in first and cleared the first room; a maid who had went to investigate the door screamed as Captain Schmidt and myself walked through the door after the two.  I grabbed the woman’s throat and yelled at her in Chechen as Schmidt strolled in trying to look confident as the other two cleared the rooms. We tried to make ourselves look like over confident terrorist on a mission, if we had been just clearing the building Schmidt would have been the first one in the building and would not be opening himself up to an attack as much as he was now.  I helped clear the upstairs rooms with Schmidt, my pulse was racing as we cleared each room, and I tried to keep myself calm by breathing as much as I could, but I could feel my heart racing.  That was when our fears were confirmed…he wasn’t here.  I looked at the portrait of a gentleman dressed in furs as it looked like he stared off into the distance.  As I focused on the portrait, my thoughts were interrupted by Captain Schmidt yelling at the maid, “Where is he?”
“His other office,” that was her answer.  Which meant that he was in his office at Westminster, a building six blocks away...six blocks to capture one man.  To make it worse, we could hear the police sirens growing louder and louder which meant it would be a fight to reach the building, and we had to move fast so they didn’t move him to another building.  We left the maid who was frozen with fear as we all left through the door, as Schmidt gripped his throat mic, “Serpent, this is wolf pack, Tudor was not in building, we are going to his office in Westmore, we are going to have to fight our way up to get him.  Get the zodiacs ready by the river so that we can get out quick.”  

“Rodger wolf pack, the zodiacs will be waiting for you.  Satellite images show you have three police cars coming your way and there are more coming up.  At least they still think you guys are terrorist.  Good luck out there wolves and good hunting, Serpent out,” the radio buzzed back with Serpent’s voice.

“Alright wolves, let’s go hunting.  Miller, you move up on the right, West you will move up on the left, and Winters and I will move up the middle of the street.  Stay separated and remember, move quick, but don’t get yourself killed. Now let’s move out,” he said in Chechen.  As we started to move up the street the first police officers arrived…

The first car stopped diagonally as the officer in the driver seat got out leaving his partner to get out facing us without any cover.   They ordered us to drop our weapons…which were stupid, since they only had pistols to our automatic weapons and to be honest when does that ever work with terrorist.  We opened fired on the officers and the vehicle; we weren’t allowed to aim for shots that would put them out of the fight like shooting their arms with weapons or their legs.  We had to look like terrorists and terrorists didn’t care on who they killed.  I felt wrong shooting the officer in front of us in the chest, but my nation wanted this to have causalities and I was bound to listen to my nation over my own morals.  The officer who stood before us while his partner didn’t stand a chance, he was gunned down instantly, he should have dove for the closest cover; his partner was next.  While he was ducking behind the car, I moved up on the right side as he was suppressed and aimed my iron sights at his chest.  He looked up to see me too late, his dark ember eyes looking at his killer, a man he thought was a Chechen terrorist as my rifle fired away, my bullets ripped into his body.  He had aimed to shoot, but it was too late, his body shook from the momentum of the bullets before slumping to the ground. ..my first kill. Not a kill that I was not proud of, I mean you always hope that your first kill as a soldier would be against the enemies of your nation, not some civilian just trying to do his job.  The second police siren interrupted my thoughts of my first murder as the rest of the squad had moved up.  West fired on the police car killing both occupants as the car sped up towards the car in front of it.  I heard Winters curse as he jumped from behind the first police car as the second one collided with it.  
The third car stopped abruptly at least 20 meters away from us and both men got out and kept their doors opened using them as shields.  Winters was getting up as Schmidt pointed at the officers and yelled in Chechen, “Kill them!”  West and myself nodded after hearing him somehow over the blaring sirens as West cut open with his M249 S.A.W. at the two officers as they kept their heads down as I broke out in a sprint.  We had practiced this movement in training; I know I could count on West to not him me as I sprinted towards my target.  I released my G-36c letting it bang against my chest as I closed the distance I could see the officer on the driver side see me charging him like a bull charges a matador.  Before he could react I had kicked his door using the momentum of my charge to pin him in between the door and the body.  He let out a yelp as I drew my pistol and fired it hitting him in the head through the window and then letting the door go and letting the officer’s body slump to the ground, and opened the door and shot the other officer in his left side.  The other officer dropped to the ground I heard West reloading his S.A.W. behind me and the footsteps of the rest of the squad.  When we were all prepared we started sprinting down the end of the street.  When we reached the end we turned right and kept up our pace as we sprinted towards the Westminster palace.

Sirens echoed down the streets as cars swivered out of the way and people screamed as we tried to reach the palace.  We passed King Charles Street as the police cars headed down that road stopped and the officers started to fire their pistols as we ran past.  We had wasted too much time fighting on Downing Street so we had to pick up the pace to the Westminster palace before they were able to get the Prime Minster out of the palace.  We could see they were pulling up SWAT vans up to the palace gates and locking it down with heavily armed me setting up a roadblock to lock down the road.  We had men closing in behind us and we had a makeshift fortress setting up in front of us.  
We approached our guns raised as West opened fire with his Saw again, pinning the guys down near the entrance as Schmidt lopped a grenade over to the gate as Winters and I approached the gate slowly along the large gate in front of the palace.  We waited till the grenade erupted before we moved in, firing from the him we killed any officers who survived the blast not allowing our heavy breathing from running tire us out as West and Schmidt joined us.  Winters started stacking up some of the swat bodies to form a little wall as he pointed into the building and yelled in Chechen, “You two get inside,” pointing at me and Schmidt we both nodded as West helped Winters stack bodies and setting up a defensive perimeter to stop any cops from getting in.
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