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 Notes regarding expansion

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Posts : 16470
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DDO character: Ranger
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PostSubject: Notes regarding expansion   Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:13 pm

Favored soul:
Enhancement action boost bonus to spell power from different trees don't stack.
My FVS got a nice boost in everything with the enhancement pass.
Still need to LR and add points to heal, which will boost positive and negative energy.

Definitely more difficult to choose enhancements for.
DPS seems about the same, hit points went up, but nothing that awesome. I will have to take more time with this, because I am not sure if a STR build DPS dark monk is much viable anymore.
Does seem that I am not getting doubles on my touch of death anymore, and with my low WIS modifier they always save so it's only doing 250 damage anymore.
Will need to really think this one out before the LR, and hopefully play with a builder a bit to figure this one out. He IS only level 20, so I also have to consider that he shouldnt be steamrolling like the FVS, yet. He has no destinies or anything.
Cool part tho, could add in enhancements from ninja and shintao, so he now bypass cold iron DR for example.

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Posts : 16470
Join date : 2010-09-11
Age : 38
Location : Che cazzo fai?

Character sheet
DDO character: Ranger
RK Profession: Blacksmith

PostSubject: Re: Notes regarding expansion   Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:15 am

Wow, at first I was disappointed, then I saw the DPS increase and was happy. Seems at first glance I might have a few fewer HP, but not really.
I'll have to mess around with this a bunch, because he has 7 trees to choose from. But, adding Kensei bonuses to my khopesh seems nice so far. Also, did I mention the DPS increase? It seems there is more to this than I am currently digesting, but this guy was already fun and I am honestly just happy he isn't ruined or anything stupid. In fact, I think he got a nice boost. A boost on a ranger? In DDO? I know right?

One drawback tho, some of my twink weapons are now overlevel. Seems icy burst festival recipe is the culprit? I can't tell. Not to worry, I'll have this one back to 20 soon I think.

Ok, I haven't played this guy in a really long time apparently. He has no combustion item and he is fire savant, so hard to tell but, his overall damage was lower. Considering he can add 50 spell power just by getting an item, is hard to tell yet tho.
He did gain an extra SLA, and boosted his secondary electric line a lot more than it was. Still, this guy is a back burner project as it is, so it will be awhile before I can truly say where his strength is at relatively to when I last played. All I remember is SLA fireballs sometimes hitting for 1k damage, which was nice. Was only getting about 800 or so now, but will have to see what its like once a combustion item is equipped.

Probably the one I worry about the most with any change. Another toon of mine that I haven't played in awhile, so it is hard to base the power of.
However, I like the changes so far. I was able to get both my pale master stuff back, AND archmage stuff. I have arcane bolt and SLA web along with all my pale master SLAs, more options the better.
So far so good, heard there was some bugs with pale masters (the deathward bug is back), so I won't be pugging for a bit. Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Notes regarding expansion   Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:22 am

So I did the enhancement respec on the clonk but not the LR (waiting to see what I decide on clonk vs. pure cleric before I use it). DPS seems to be about the same. A few more HP and SP. Saves I think are a little lower but I don't remember what they were at before. BB damage is slightly up. The one thing I really like is that Divine Might is now a small amt of SP, not turn-based. So basically I can keep DM up (+8 STR) all the time without worrying about my turns.


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PostSubject: Re: Notes regarding expansion   

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Notes regarding expansion
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