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 Recruiting for Europe 750

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PostSubject: Recruiting for Europe 750   Fri May 29, 2015 2:50 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm a French player, playing with Anto at MoH and having played with him on Europe 750. We don't always agree about how to act, but it doesn't matter :p.
I'm looking for new players in Europe 750. English-speaking players to manage the Kingdoms of Saint Pierre and Two Sicilies. We have already some English players on the game, the Kings of Al Andalus and of Hungary-Croatia, who are close. Dorgali, a Lord in Sardinia is American. Some others, as the King of Ireland and many other French players speaking English, play and will help you to have a nice game Smile.

Two Sicilies and Saint Pierre were English speaking before, but English players have been kicked out and replaced by French. Now, we want to kick out the last remaining French, Vercelli and get back these Kingdoms to their previous mother tongue: English.

So, we'll be happy to play with you. Or against you, if you want to play by your own Very Happy.

4 other families (we want English players for all of them) will be created in these two Kingdoms.
Quote :
Today I propose you a family in Two Sicilies.
5 lordships: Lecce, Brindisi, Bari, Cerignola, Venosa and Oria.
They are almost a few developed, so it's not the best, but it could be nice if you're a beginner. Or even a veteran, for some challenge Wink.

Lecce: great market, 3,800 inhabitants
Brindisi: market, 6,400 inhabitants
Bari: fair, 7,200 inhabitants
Cerignola: market, 2,700 inhabitants
Venosa: market, 4,000 inhabitants
Oria: market, 9,200 inhabitants

The level of population is quite representative of the number of technologies activated.

Reorganising Two Sicilies, there is a chance to become the new King of Two Sicilies Wink. You'll be at least Duke and will get prestigious titles of these lands.

I propose also a family in France, but you would be surrounded by French players, a very few speak well English. It's up to you.
Quote :
Hi everyone,

The Kingdom of France is looking for a new player. You'll be vassal of the royal family of France, the Magnificent and Great Melvina, Lord of the House of Provins. To be loyal is highly recommended Wink.

Every interested player to join the game Europe 750 is welcome. Newbie or veteran? Doesn't matter! Only matters your motivation (creating family demands time and IG resources, thank you) to join this journey Wink.

The family would be liege and vassal of the House of Provins, the French royal family.
It will be also liege of the House of Baden, the royal family of Germany.
Finally, it will be also an ally of the House of the future family of Blois (we have to create it).

The family is Count of Paris.

About your future lands, here a resume:
Chartres: market, 11,700 inhabitants
Mantes: market, 6,400 inhabitants
Magny: market, 8,800 inhabitants
Gisors: market, 7,000 inhabitants
Montmirail: great market, 7,800 inhabitants

Motivated players, please apply Smile!

Hope you'll join us and have fun Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting for Europe 750   Fri May 29, 2015 3:21 pm

Only way I can rejoin is to make another account, correct? I left the 750 server long ago..

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Location : Cambodia

PostSubject: Re: Recruiting for Europe 750   Fri May 29, 2015 4:17 pm

anto_capone wrote:
Only way I can rejoin is to make another account, correct? I left the 750 server long ago..
Yep, but it's forbidden ^^.

Don't know if you left the server before the rule: players can't come back in previous servers they left. In that case, you would need to choose and so… it's up to you ^^.

Yeah :'( : the rule was stated in october, you left in december.
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Location : Cambodia

PostSubject: Re: Recruiting for Europe 750   Thu Jun 04, 2015 11:44 am

Above families are still available Wink.

Hi, future lord of France,

"Are you interested to share the destiny of the Wonderful Melvina, Queen of France? To be a powerful and loyal vassal? Constribute and make the French Destiny?
With this family, everything becomes true."
"That's too beautiful to be true, Uncle Tisoon!"
"Trust me! With this family, for sure, the reality is made of your dreams!"

You'll be vassal of the Queen of France, because you'll be Duke of Blois. Indeed, that's so great!

You'll manage the follow 6 lordships:
Blois: market, 15,400 inhabitants
Bourges: fair, 13,800 inhabitants
Orléans: fair, 9,200 inhabitants
Issoudun: market, 14,400 inhabitants
Montrichard: market, 15,300 inhabitants
Vouzon: market, 13,400 inhabitants
The lordships are very well developed, not the best, but it's a good start.

So! Motivated? What are you waiting? Let's go to the French Kingdom.
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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting for Europe 750   

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Recruiting for Europe 750
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