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 Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza

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PostSubject: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    Fri Mar 11, 2011 6:00 pm

Quote :
Potty training is one of the most frustrating parenting experiences I've faced, but I still can't muster even a fraction of an ounce of empathy for Robin Greinke, 26, an Illinois woman, who along with her boyfriend beat her 3-year-old son to death because he wet his pants. Once they were finished, and he lay nearby dying, they ate a pizza and watched a movie.

Greinke and Steven Neil, 33, admitted that they took turns beating the boy for more than an hour after he had an accident February 8 while they were visiting Florida. "They were upset with him and they tossed him and spanked him and punched him," a homicide investigator told Central Florida News 13.

After enjoying themselves with the pizza and movie, Greinke finally called 911 around 5 a.m. to say her son, Noah Fake, was wheezing, and she couldn't sleep. She couldn't sleep. No one with even a hint of a conscience possibly could, but apparently she has none.

Article continues:

This pretty much needs its own thread. What the fuck?
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PostSubject: Re: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:00 pm

What pizza did they order though?
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PostSubject: Re: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    Mon Mar 14, 2011 3:11 am

the inmates will get them, and the co's will look the other way

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PostSubject: Re: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:17 am

Anto is pretty much on the money, unless its like over here where they keep those folk in protection.

Its a dark world out there Elois, be glad you miss most of it. I am seen some of it and it scars
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PostSubject: Re: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:02 pm

[quote]Dad blames cold medicine for toddler slay
BY Mike Jaccarino, Peter Kadushin and TINA MOORE DAILY NEWS WRITERS
Monday, November 5th 2007, 8:34 PM
A Manhattan bookkeeper claims that over-the-counter cold
medicine made him feel "strange and weird" just before he beat his
1-year-old daughter to death, a law enforcement source said today.Peter
O'Keeffe, 35, told cops he drank Robitussin cough medicine and took
some type of herbal decongestant before killing daughter Jessica on
Saturday in his Queens home, prosecutors said."He beat the baby,
grabbed her by the neck...," prosecutor Mina Malik said at O'Keeffe's
arraignment on a murder charge in Queens Criminal Court. "The baby was
dropped face down."O'Keeffe's wife, Louise Rojas-O'Keeffe, found
Jessica when she arrived home from a shopping with friends. Jessica had
bite marks on her body, prosecutors said.Prosecutors said
O'Keeffe told cops he lifted Jessica out of her crib and put her back in
several times to stop her from crying. When she did not stop, he began
shaking her and then dropped her head first on the floor, prosecutors
said.O'Keeffe said he laid down on the floor next to the baby, who was limp, prosecutors said."The
baby was left bleeding from the head, then he left," Malik said, adding
that O'Keeffe did not try to resuscitate the child despite her
"devastating injuries.""There's a history of mental illness in the family," defense attorney Michael Cibella said. "He needs treatment."[quote]

I knew the mother in this story. She's taken over where I left off in my Wiccan circle. Went to the memorial for the child. I went from enraged to settling on the idea that a cold medicine could have caused it. They had a decent marriage and one day just turns it upsidedown. It was the one day in the week that she would go food shopping that it happened.

And here was another lady we knew in the circle:
Quote :
February 15, 2007
Yoga Teacher Convicted in Killing of Dancer

Paul Cortez, a 26-year-old actor working as a yoga teacher, was convicted today of the throat-slashing death of Catherine Woods, a 21-year-old dancer who worked as a stripper.

A jury in State Supreme Court in Manhattan deliberated for a day and a half before returning the verdict of guilty of second-degree murder. Sentencing for Mr. Cortez was scheduled for March 23.

Although it appeared that jurors considered the defense argument that Ms. Woods had been killed by her live-in boyfriend, David Haughn, who had followed her to New York from their hometown, Columbus, Ohio.

But apparently the defense arguments were not able to overcome two crucial pieces of evidence: fingerprints left in blood and cell phone records that showed Mr. Cortez called Ms. Woods repeatedly the day she was killed.

Mr. Cortez’s attorney, Dawn Florio, said, “I think the jury made their verdict solely on the fingerprints.”

Mr. Haughn was Mr. Cortez’s main rival for Ms. Woods’s attention, according to testimony at the trial. Mr. Haughn, now 25, had previously dated Ms. Woods and was living with her in her Upper East Side apartment at the time of the killing.

He discovered Ms. Woods’s body, her throat slashed, on her bedroom floor and called 911 at 6:59 p.m. on Nov. 27, 2005.

But the defense has suggested that the police chose the wrong suspect when they questioned Mr. Haughn about the murder and let him go, focusing on Mr. Cortez instead. Mr. Cortez, who had an on again-off again relationship with Ms. Woods, has testified that he loved her and would never have hurt her.

Laura Miranda and Dawn Florio, lawyers for Mr. Cortez, pointedly noted during the trial that Mr. Haughn had immediately suggested Mr. Cortez as the possible killer when he spoke to the police, even though Ms. Woods had tried to keep the two of them separate and they hardly knew each other.

During the jury’s deliberations, two court reporters read back long passages of testimony from detectives who had questioned Mr. Haughn. In one portion of the testimony, a police detective said under cross-examination by the defense that Mr. Haughn had identified someone named “Paul Vincent” as the likely killer, and that he appeared not to know that person’s last name.

Mr. Cortez’s middle name is Vincent.

The jurors also reviewed testimony from a detective about Mr. Haughn’s demeanor when he was questioned the day after the murder. He was, the detective said, “distraught, shaken, unnerved, sad,” but he never cried. The detective also was impressed that Mr. Haughn never asked for a lawyer or invoked his right to remain silent under police questioning.

The jury also asked to review testimony that would compare what the prosecutor, Peter Casolaro, said during closing arguments about a bloody fingerprint matched to Mr. Cortez to what experts testified about that fingerprint.

Mr. Casolaro said the fingerprint could have been made only by the killer in fresh blood that spurted from Ms. Woods’s throat. The defense has argued that the fingerprint could have been on the wall before the murder.

But much of the testimony they reviewed had to do with Mr. Haughn, who testified for the prosecution. Mr. Haughn told the jury that he was a high school graduate who had gone to auto-body school. He worked as a doorman in New York while living with Ms. Woods. He moved back to Columbus after the murder, he said, and lives with his grandmother. He has a job working in a warehouse.

His background is strikingly different from that of Mr. Cortez, who was raised in a working-class family in the Bronx, but won scholarships to go to exclusive private schools and then earned a bachelor’s degree in theater from Boston University.

Mr. Haughn testified that he found it hard to support himself after he followed Ms. Woods to New York in 2002, and was embarrassed that she was making money by working in strip clubs. He had a few jobs in retail before finding work as a doorman.

The jurors also asked to review testimony about when the killing might have taken place.

The prosecutor says Mr. Cortez killed Ms. Woods between 6 and 7 p.m., slipping into the apartment while Mr. Haughn went out to get his car to take Ms. Woods to work.

But exactly when during that hour Ms. Woods was killed has remained somewhat murky. Mr. Haughn told a detective on the night of the murder that he had left the apartment about 20 minutes before he called 911, which would be 6:39.

But another detective testified that a neighbor, Andrew Gold, had said he heard two loud screams and a thud while he was talking to his fiancée on the telephone in a conversation that began, according to telephone records, at 6:18 p.m.

In his closing argument, Mr. Casolaro said the struggle began about 10 minutes into the call, and suggested that two possible times of the murder were from 6:20 to 6:25, or from 6:28 to 6:33. He pointed out that Mr. Haughn did not remember exactly when he left the apartment.

And this is why when people try to say yoga helps the mind, I'm pissed the fuck off. Yoga is not a cure all.

It still seems to me that one of the things you'd know about a baby is that they cry and piss all the time. But I guess unprotected sex is just too much fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza    

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Mom Kills Son for Potty Training Accident, Then Eats Pizza
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