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 Titan Raid - Green puzzle

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PostSubject: Titan Raid - Green puzzle   Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:35 pm

Sharing the knowledge.

1) Bottom left - turn the tile to send power up
2) Top left - turn elbow tile to send power up - DD out
3) Top right - turn tile to send power down
4) Bottom right - turn T tile to send power left, turn elbow tile to light the other bottom circle - DD out
5) Bottom right middle - first turn elbow tile that is above the lit circle to connect the line above it (line stays dark), then turn elbow tile connected to the lit circle to send the power down (circle goes dark) - DD out
6) Bottom left middle - prepare the top line first, turning the T tile and elbow tile to connect the two circles at the top (they stay dark), then on the bottom line turn the elbow tile to light the bottom right circle and send the power back down - DD out
7) Top right middle - turn elbow tile to send power left - DD out
8 ) Top right far - turn elbow tile to send power down - DD out
9) Bottom right far - Turn the T tile to send power down
10) Bottom left far - turn elbow tile to send power up
11) Top left far - prep the line to the right, but then turn the T tile around twice to disconnect it
12) Top Back room - turn elbow tile once to connect line (it stays dark until you do the last room)
13) Top left far - turn T tile twice to connect the line you previously disconnected.

Puzzle is now done.
After that I believe there's a switch somewhere to throw (honestly no idea where that is, was too busy writing instructions down, but assume its in the bottom back room!), then collect a blue crystal from the top middle left room and hurry on.
6 dimension door scrolls needed and someone who's able to use them =p

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHUFNaz4zlg for a video walk through, the instructions make more sense after watching it.
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Titan Raid - Green puzzle
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