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 can you uninstul IE and everything still work

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PostSubject: Re: can you uninstul IE and everything still work   Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:05 am

Elois' Pro Tip of the Day:
If your computer isn't working, it's probably due to dust bunnies and a corrupt registry. To fix this, follow these steps.

1) Unplug the computer
2) Wrap the cord around it gently and lift it.
3) Carry it to the kitchen
4) Place in Dishwasher
5) Add detergent
6) Close door and set on high.

OK, 'nuff of that. Razz

Now I'm having issues with Windows Live. I think it's cause I forced my computer to shut down with the power button and now it's being a lil bitch. I scanned it with just about every program, cleaned out all the unneeeded files, uninstalled and reinstalled, did windows update, followed the tips that windows gave for the particular error I'm getting, but still.

So now my computer works like it's brand new but still no msn.

So Digsby for me, I guess.
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PostSubject: Re: can you uninstul IE and everything still work   Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:50 am

_Melissa. wrote:
I want to buy a new laptop but can't afford it yet, this is really heavy to take but not insured, so heavy that to be honest it can be used as a self defense mechanism if need be. Will try the other stuff tonight, if the malware warning comes up again.

Very Happy An old comp? I kind of bought a high tower case without really realizing what exactly that meant. Mine is awesome but a lot bigger AND heavier than a standard one. I only have one harddrive so I guess its a bit of an overkill Razz At least the cooling system can handle it!! (have a history of overheating PCs in my family hehe)
Oh here's mine. Its got a red light too

Not understanding why you are so afraid of others finding out you play RK Mel. If anyone asks me, I shrug and say its a game. Usually they're very interested in what kind of game, what you do etc so that its awkard trying to explain cause I sound like an idiot then Very Happy Actually I even did a oral presentation about RK a few years ago in english because I couldn't bother to prepare anything else. Got highest grade Razz

Thought you said you got one of those fake OH NOES YOU HAZ A VIRUS so let me do a virus scan... 10 sec after it has finished scanning your entire computer, a window pops up and you can't change tabs or close Mozilla normally. Clicking on anything (ok cancel/exit) in that window will download the crap. To avoid, Ctrl + alt + del to start task manager and kill Mozilla. Restart Mozilla until it realized it should let you pick the tabs you want to open again without opening the infected webpage. Why is this fake? It doesn't take 10 sec to do a scan! Usually when you do a scan of your entire computer it takes several minutes or hours depending on how much stuffz. I don't know much about computers either but if I don't know what I'm clicking I DON'T CLICK IT! Doesn't matter if it tells me my computer will blow up if I don't click. I'd rather restart and see if it pops up again. Having access to another computer is good so you can search on the error message or whatever weird thing you get. Everything is out to get you... Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: can you uninstul IE and everything still work   Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:49 pm

AMAZING Adblock on Chrome!!! https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom

Dunno what happened but did somehow fix it that time, am like a fat kid in a cake shop =S Thanks x m
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PostSubject: Re: can you uninstul IE and everything still work   

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can you uninstul IE and everything still work
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